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Mountain Green Tea

Furry Peak - Mao Feng Tea

This sublime tea has a rich yet fresh flavour that makes it a favourite for many.

Sorry, there is a 2 week wait for this tea. All our teas are fresh and so we need to send regular shipments.

  • Box contains 50g of loose tea
  • Aroma Fresh with overtones of apricot and peach
  • Leaves A fine, silvery down covers these mountain-shaped leaves
  • Liquid A pale green hue
  • Taste A gentle, freshly-plucked flavour with a smooth feel
“The Mountain Green tea leaves are delightfully fresh with a furry cover”
Tea Blend

About Mountain Green Tea

Our Mountain Green tea contains only the finest and freshest buds. This tea variety, Mao Feng tea (which translates as ‘furry peak’) gets it name from the leaves’ fine white down as well as their shape, which resembles a mountain peak.

Produced at an altitude of 700-800m above sea level in the beautiful area of the Yellow Mountain (Huangshan), the tea has apricot and peach notes from the abundance of wild fruit trees growing on the mountain.

This Mao Feng - Furry Peak is sourced from the Yellow Mountain in the Anhui province. One of the most beautiful natural landscapes with its rolling clouds and steep rock faces. The humidity provides a perfect environment for growing this tea.

Anhui Province


How to Brew Mountain Green Tea

The leaves are delicate, for best results we recommend you pour the hot water on the side of the cut not over the leaves. If the leaves infuse for too long or the water temperature too high the tea may taste bitter.

1 Brew tea step 1

Heat water to 75-85°C

2 Brew tea step 2

Add 1-3 tbsp per cup of our pure loose-leaf tea per cup (250ml) of water

3 Brew Tea Step 3

Rinse leaves with heated water. Pour fresh heated water and cover.

4 Brew Tea Step 4

Let tea infuse for 1-2 minutes.

5 Brew Tea Step 5

Pour into a cup through a strainer or let the leaves settle at the bottom.

6 Brew Tea Step 6

Drink and enjoy.

Health Benefits

Mountain Green Tea Health Benefits


“Green teas are a great source of health.”

For thousand of years traditional Chinese medicine has used this tea for believed health properties.



  • Energy boosting / anti-fatigue
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Improve Immune System
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Tooth care
  • Longevity

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