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Slim Tea Pack

Weight Loss and healthy lifestyle

This fantastic tea slimming pack contains everything you need to loose weight as part of a healthy lifestyle.


  • 1 Lotus tea
  • 1 Puerh (5 years old) tea
  • 1 Mountain Green tea
  • 1 Tea strainer
  • 1 Silk bag

More Info

Our InNature slimming pack is for those who are trying to loose weight as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Lotus Tea have been used for hundreds of years in South East Asia as a way to help maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and for its natural slimming properties.

Lotus Tea together with the fresh Mountain Green Tea and Puerh Tea, have been known to assist in digestion, breaking down fats and expelling toxins.

Oh yes, and what’s more… we will add a tea strainer and silk bag into the pack for you too!

Recommended use:

Morning - Mountain Green

During the day - Puerh

Night - Lotus

To experience the effectiveness, you need to drink for at least three or four weeks, five to six cups a day. Avoid adding sugar, milk or cream.

High Grade Tea

High Grade Tea Leaves

Hand-picked Tea

Harvested & Hand-Picked

Nothing Added

Nothing Added

Natural Tea

100% Pure & Natural Tea

Organic Tea

Fair Trade

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