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Explorer Pack

See if you ever go back to using a tea bag again

For the person who is new to loose teas online this is the perfect pack for you – loved for their beauty, craftsmanship, and taste.


  • 1 Black tea (50g of loose tea)
  • 1 Jasmine Dragon Pearl (50g of loose tea)
  • 1 Natural Oolong (50g of loose tea)
  • 1 Tea strainer
  • 1 Silk bag

More Info

For the person who is new to loose teas, this is the perfect pack for you to start the experience.

Black tea is the most common tea in the West, but there is a good chance you have never tried, pure and fresh loose-leaf teas. Hand-picked loose-leaf is quite different from the popular consumed tea bags that are industrialised and commonly mixed with all sorts of additives. Ours are simply pure, with absolutely nothing added, picked up in the highest mountains directly to your cup.

Try our beautiful rich and bold flavoured black tea and see if you ever drink about tea bag again.

Oolong teas are a great alternative it green teas if you want to try something different. We have chosen Natural Oolong, for its smooth, creamy mouth-feel and revitalising effect on the spirit.

For a floral taste, we have offered our beloved Jasmine Dragon Pearl. This is a tea that also features hand-crafted leaves, picked early in the morning and rolled into pearl-like bundles.

High Grade Tea

High Grade Tea Leaves

Hand-picked Tea

Harvested & Hand-Picked

Nothing Added

Nothing Added

Natural Tea

100% Pure & Natural Tea

Organic Tea

Fair Trade

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