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Alpine Oolong

Iron Goddess- Jie Guan Yin

Its delicious flavour is the result of a complex process of plucking, sun-withering, cooling, rolling and drying by highly skilled tea farmers. Despite the time and craft that goes into producing this exceptional tea, it is beautifully easy to drink.

  • Box contains 50g of loose tea
  • Aroma: Flowery mountain perfume
  • Leaves: Mossy green parcels that unfurl on infusion
  • Liquid: A soft golden straw colour
  • Taste: A subtle, sweet flavour with a floral mountain finish
“The Alpine Oolong tea leaves are green parcels that unfurl on infusion”
Tea Blend

About Alpine Oolong

Also known as Iron Goddess (Jie Guan Yin), this part-fermented tea from Fujian has the fresh feel of a mountain spring.

This tea is sourced from Fujian. The best leaves are harvested in Autumn and we exclusively buy our Alpine Oolong during the Autumn.



How to Brew Alpine Oolong

1 Brew tea step 1

Heat water to 100°C

2 Brew tea step 2

Add 1-3 tbsp per cup of our pure loose-leaf tea per cup (250ml) of water

3 Brew Tea Step 3

Rinse leaves with heated water. Pour fresh heated water and cover.

4 Brew Tea Step 4

Let tea infuse for 1-2 minutes.

5 Brew Tea Step 5

Pour into a cup through a strainer or let the leaves settle at the bottom.

6 Brew Tea Step 6

Enjoy up to three infusions.

Health Benefits

Alpine Oolong Health Benefits


“Oolong teas are a great source of health.”

For thousand of years traditional Chinese medicine has used this tea for believed health properties.



  • Breaking down fats and toxins
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Improve Immune System
  • Tooth care

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