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Cook with tea

Cook with tea

Our recipes

Tea is not just for drinking. At the InNature kitchen we have been trialling exciting dishes designed to bring new flavour dimensions to your cooking. And because we like simplicity, our recipes are guaranteed to deliver deliciousness without being too technical.
  • Green Tea Ice Cream

    Luxurious dairy ice cream with a hint – or more! – of fresh Green Tea makes a sumptuous finale to your evening meal. No machine needed.

  • Oo, how we long for a smoothie

    A great idea for a different way to prepare, drink and benefit from the healthy properties of your oolong tea.

  • Fish for tea

    Use loose tea to smoke fish and delight your guests. This recipe is very simple yet really delicious!

  • Cold Brew Tea

    Mix up some favourite tea and fruit flavour combinations to store in the fridge for ice cool refreshment whenever you want it.

  • Rub my ribs, Jasmine

    Jasmine tea makes a fragrant meat rub that beautifully complements ribs.


Tea Culture

Steeped in ancient tradition, the cultivation, preparation and serving of tea have been central to Eastern life and philosophy for thousands of years.