Spring Green Tea.
Spring Green Tea.
Spring Green
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Spring Green Tea

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Spring Snail Shell - Bi Luo Chun Tea

Spring Green - a mild Green with a sweet taste and all the healthy properties. This tea is one of the oldest teas ever harvested in China and use to be served to the Emperors and Royalty. It's called Bilo Chun, as it is primarily harvested during the Spring which makes the harvest extremely unique and also sought by the tea lovers. This tea comes from the region of Jiansu where they are know to produce small quantities but of the highest quality. This clean, smooth tea is named Bi Luo Chun, which translates as ‘spring snail shell’, because its leaves are rolled into tiny shell shapes after picking. With a delicate fruity flavour imbued by the apricot, peach and plum trees planted among its bushes, our Spring Green tea has a subtle sweet taste and a pale amber appearance.

  • Box contains 50g of loose tea
  • Aroma: Distinctly fruity
  • Leaves: Tiny emerald whirls
  • Liquid: A delicate green
  • Taste: Delightful, aromatic fruit notes


  • Jiansu Province China


  • This Tea is very mild, with a sweet after taste with a fruity aroma.


Green Teas are in general a prime source of the very best health properties , one can find in Nature . It has over 600 plus scientifically proven health properties , including Vitamins , Minerals , anti oxidant , a boost the immune system . It also has a high amount of polyphenols . that is known to assist to as a way to prevent cancer. A recent study in the US , shows that Green Teas are in the very top as the best water cleanse and protect the lungs. It is truly an endless amount of goodness , and healthy properties with zero side effect. Also known as an energy booster.


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