Organic Tea Connoisseur Pack



This pack is for those seeking the world’s finest teas – and for lovers of the complex and rich flavours.


  • 1 White Moon Tea (50g of loose tea)
  • 1 Five-Year-Old Puerh (50g of loose tea)
  • 1 Fresh Green Tea (50g of loose tea)
  • 1 White Tea (50g of loose tea)
  • 1 Tea strainer
  • 1 Silk bag


This Exclusive Selection offers you a chance to experience a true exquisite tea experience.

The White Moon, a delightful rare blend which is exposed to the light of the moon to extract its mild and sweet taste.

The Snow Flower, a high-grade Jasmine blended with rose petals, that will delight your taste and senses with its flowery rich perfume.

White Teas, once a privilege of the Emperor and Royalty is now a rare blend to be experienced by those who expect nothing but the best.