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White Moon Puerh

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White Tea – the finest tea, made only from tender buds that was for thousands of years exclusive harvested for the royalty in China. Only some 100 years ago, it begun to spread across the main land. An exceptional tender and soothing taste, a mellow fragrance, an exquisite colour that makes drinking and admiring this magnificent drink a real privilege. This tea have also exceptional health benefits due to its purity. White Teas have a history to benefit most people against most common illnesses . More importantly many women , like due to its delicate taste and aroma. A perfect tea to be shared in good company. This Fresh Puerh has its roots in the old tradition of the Yun Nan Region, to cultivate and find new blends of its most popular teas, the Puerh. The locals mostly drink it in the new form as they believe it has a "fresher" taste, which is more in tune with the region's long mild climate. Yun Nan has an average temperature of 25 degrees across the year, except for the north, where it snows in the higher mountains. The White Moon, also known as Yue Bai Guan, is an exceptional blend, as it has very soothing and aromatic properties while offering an endless amount of health properties.

This unusual variety is somewhere between white tea and Puerh tea. The flavor of this exceptional blend is similar to a white tea but more intense.

  • Box contains 50g of loose tea
  • Aroma: A natural, fresh, soothing scent with a hint of honey
  • Leaves: Leaves are white on one side and dark on the other, resembling crescent moons
  • Liquid: A light caramel-ochre infusion
  • Taste: A deliciously creamy tea with a smooth mouth-feel and a sweetly floral finish


  • Zhen He , Fujian Province


A delicate and sweet taste . Very mild with a flowery aroma and after taste.


As one of the most sought teas by the upper classes , once an exclusive privilege for the royalty in China. as a tea that could provide a general well being all year long. White teas are also improve , nails , skin and hair.


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