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Tibet Spring Wild Flower

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Xue Qu

This infusion from the high mountains of Tibet contains only flowers, making it a delightful caffeine-free refreshment. The aroma of Tibet (Xue Qu) tea is floral with a hint of honeycomb, bringing to mind a summer garden in full bloom.

  • Box contains 50g of loose flowers.
  • Aroma: Floral with honeycomb tones
  • Leaves: Bright yellow flowers
  • Liquid: A burnt umber hue reminiscent of Tibetan monks’ robes
  • Taste: Distinct deep floral notes with a delicate sweetness

A new blend of red–flower teas that have evoked the imagination of many as its deep red colors remind the Chinese of the deep red robes of the Tibet Monks. This blend is an exceptional combination of the tee connoisseurs who wish to experience a red-black tea with a flowery aft aftertaste.

This Tea is only harvested in the food steps of Tibet -  in the Xinqian province.

Its harvested in the wild fields, where they grow once a year during the summer months. This wildflower harry unique characteristics as the soil in that region are semi-desert it contains many minerals and health properties not seen in any other teas,

Sometimes can be added sugar drops (always crystal).

The taste. Mostly flowery and sweet and are suitable to clean your toxins while offering a great taste.




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