A NEW HOBBY FOR YOU - Tea Collector

This is a very old tradition for Tea Lovers to COLLECT TEAS, and store, so they can be tasted on especial occasions. This is a very nice way to enjoy and ensure you have all the finest teas with better taste and aroma.
Not all Teas can be stored for a long time, just the fermented ones. My recommendations for the best Teas to collect :
- White Teas
- Black Teas
- Puerh

These Teas will get better, with a finer and smoother taste the older they get. It is indeed a wonderful way to enjoy teas.
You may also, buy some lovely ceramic Tea containers, that you may add a label with the year of the Tea. This way, when a guest comes over, you can say; would you like to try a cuppa of a 2005, 2010, or 2020 Tea? It makes all the difference.
You may also buy from us, larger quantities for " The Collection".

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