The BBC has just released a study from the French Government. 

All soft drinks, especially Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, every single one increase your likelihood of having cancer, diabetes and obesity by at least 20%. 

These drinks should be banned, especially for children. Not to mention the amount of harm all these plastic bottles inflict on the environment. 

Teas do quench the heat and keep you healthy with no harm to the environment. 

This sugary drinks, like Lucozade and even Fruit Juices sold by Tropicana, and other usual suspects, are harmful to your health. 

Do you know Coca Cola is used in India and China as a pesticide because is cheaper? Why would anyone serve these poisonous drinks to your own family? 

In the other hand, Teas are intrinsically a cold drink, even if you are drinking hot. Do drink loads of Green Teas, Alpine Oolong …. Use cooler water to infuse, 70 – 80 degrees. 

Warmer days, it is important to keep the body well hydrated and with the necessary number of vitamins and minerals to avoid illnesses. Fresh teas offer the perfect balance and solution which will naturally meet all your needs while savouring a great taste. 

My suggestion for the following weeks is to prepare a big jug of Puerh or Lotus tea and place in the fridge. Perhaps add a dash of honey and enjoy all day, at home or in the office. 

Be Safe, Be Healthy, drink Pure Teas, not teabags dust. 

Share with family and friends. 

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