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About InNature

For some people tea is not just a drink, but a way of life.

This is certainly true of our founder, who became captivated by the far-reaching benefits of tea after being treated by Chinese medicine. He moved from the UK to China, where he has lived, travelled and studied for the past decade. Having tasted some of the finest teas available anywhere in the world, he feels compelled to share them.

Together with his two daughters, this family-run company has a real passion for sourcing the world’s most exquisite teas. We work exclusively with small, family-run farms entirely devoted to tea cultivation – usually for many generations. The loose teas are produced using ancient methods, with no industrial processes in sight. This keeps the leaves whole, the flavours fresh and health benefits intact.

The drinker of pure teas often notices a feeling of reconnecting with nature as they brew, stir and sip the whole, fresh leaves. Our teas really do capture something of nature and the sublime, offering a taste of Eastern culture and philosophy.

We invite you to enjoy some time InNature.


RESPECT for nature and tradition

Our whole-leaf, hand picked, fair trade teas are sourced from family farms with a devotion to terroir. We nurture close working relationships with farmers who share our respect for nature and our commitment to the tea tradition.

Our farmers have immense pride in their noble activity, working the land just as their ancestors did, every day from sunrise to sunset. A ritual of labour has passed from one generation to the next, creating a rich legacy of horticultural traditions.

Natural Loose Tea
Passion for Organic Tea

Passion for Tea

Our tea leaves are selected for quality and taste, before being carefully packed in high quality packaging designed to retain their freshness. Our teas reach your cup without any industrialised processes involved in their production.

InNature, a passion for teas.

Our True Passion

An open letter to our friends & customers.

Buy Tea Online from The World's Finest Loose-Leaf Tea Supplier. In Nature Teas offers the Highest Grade of teas available in the market. Guaranteed.

Dear Friends

Our family-run tea trade company has a true commitment to sourcing the world’s most exquisite and finest teas. We work exclusively with local farmers entirely devoted to the traditional Tea Culture. These are genuine household traditional farms that have been harvesting Teas for many generations. Our loose-leaf tea varieties are uniquely harvested and prepared using exclusively ancient methods, with absolutely no industrial processes in sight.

Our teas are all handpicked, one by one, which keeps the leaves whole, the flavours fresh and the endless health benefits intact. Do experience Pure & Natural Teas and taste the difference.

Share Our Passion, with family and friends.

Warm Regards

Serge Waismann
Co – Founder of InNature Teas




Love the teas, thanks so much! I wasn't drinking black tea before this, but now I am!

Level Up Culture @levelupculture
California, USA

Just a short note to let you know that the teas I ordered from you and gave to my nephew as part of his birthday present were greatly appreciated. He really liked them and has said that they are so fresh.


Love your green teas, so fresh and so good for me.

California, USA

Beautiful Silver Needle White Tea. The taste is wonderful and it also helps me relax during my working day. I always drink it after eating my lunch as it stops me wanting anything sweet. Therefore, it helps me to watch my weight. It has been an integral part of my daily routine.

London, UK

I am very much enjoying the 'black' tea, which I tried with my last order, and of course my lovely green teas, to which I sometimes add fresh ginger and lemon - delicious. Oolong is a must every afternoon - a welcome respite if I am busy in the garden.

Leeds, UK

Really delighted to have discovered InNature teas. Quality teas like I've never tasted before. I carry a box with me everywhere I go as most other teas are disappointing by comparison!


I have tried a few kinds of your teas and my favourite one is the Lotus Tea. Recently I have also tried the Natural Oolong tea simply because I couldn’t find the Lotus tea and well let’s just say I have a new favourite!

London, UK

It is so good to at last find a reliable supplier of high quality teas. Having started with green teas, I now enjoy trying new teas such as Puerh, and Oolong that aren't readily available on the high street.

Berkshire, UK